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Founded in 1923 by John Santana II and J.B. Howell, the Peninsula Creamery has been a staple in downtown Palo Alto and the surrounding community for more than 85 years.

Most area locals purchased their fresh milk, ice cream and other dairy products from the Peninsula Creamery which also offered home delivery. Operating nearly 60 trucks at its peak, the company was known for its top-quality dairy products as well as reliable and friendly service. For many years the Peninsula Creamery was also the sole supplier of dairy and ice cream products for Stanford University, as well as the local high schools, many local businesses and restaurants.

Today, the Dairy Store & Grill at the corner of High St. and Channing Ave. is a breakfast, lunch and milkshake shop which is still owned and operated by the Santana family as it has been (solely) since 1936 when John Santana III acquired it outright. At the age of 81, John Santana remains involved with the business and has partnered with his son James, who runs the day to day operations.

For decades the Peninsula Creamery also operated a popular 50's style soda fountain and grill at the corner of Emerson and Hamilton, just blocks from the High St. store. The Santana family still owns the land at the Emerson location, but the Palo Alto Creamery now resides there. It is written into the lease contract that they are required to remain a 50's style soda fountain and they are even required to mix their shakes in metal cans, the old fashioned way.

Whether you're a Palo Alto local looking to take a walk down memory lane, a local history buff, or you're simply looking for an excellent sandwich and a premium milkshake, take a stroll over to the Peninsula Creamery Dairy Store & Grill - you'll be glad you did.

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